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Help! Amazon took down China Virus after delaying it from being published for two months.

UPDATE: (July 16, 2020)

Amazon relented, and China Virus was put back on its shelves. Place your order for the book from Amazon, by clicking here

Amazon BLOCKED China Virus AGAIN!

In a shocking display, Amazon has again banned China Virus from publication. 

Thankfully we ordered a few hundred books already, so we will have print books available at our Edmonton event. 

But for those who haven't ordered their copies yet, you can still get the book by making a donation on this page and downloading the book as an e-book (.epub) or .mobi file. 

Make a donation of any amount below to download your e-book. 

The suggested minimum donation is $7.50 (that was the price on Amazon) but any donation is appreciated. But you can donate as little as one cent to receive your copy!

You can order a paperback version of the book by clicking here.  

How to download your copy of China Virus

1. Make a donation on this page. Our recommended donation amount is $7.50 which would help us cover the cost to produce the book because we still had to pay for editors, layout specialists, legal reviews etc. 

2. Once you make your donation you will receive an email with a link to your downloadable copy of China Virus.